World class clarinet mouthpieces for any level of player.

2016, a good time to try new mouthpieces! 

For over 30 years I have refaced mouthpieces to help students and professionals refine the playing qualities of mouthpieces they owned. In 1999 I expanded into making a line of custom mouthpieces all based on the designs and playing qualities of the old Kaspars. I make a full line of mouthpieces, professional Eb, Bb, Bass clarinet, an advanced student mouthpiece and a custom plastic beginner mouthpiece.

My goal is a mouthpiece which has a balance of warmth, center and always a singing quality in the tone. The blanks are highly customized and are hand lapped to have flat tables. The mouthpieces require minimal blowing and lip resistance, and have a beautiful smooth tone. The traditional facing curves allow the mouthpieces to feel very natural to the embouchure and air stream.
David McClune