Mouthpiece Models

New FMK model

Completely custom designed, German hard rod rubber, CNC made, Hand finished

Ring, Warmth, Center, Effortless, Quick Response, Clear sound,  PPP-FFF

Close or Medium close tip openings

$ 449

The FMK is the result of 10  years of experiments using old Buffet blanks (3 wide lines and H chamber) which are revered as magnificent blanks. Working with a dozen of these, one of them turned out light years better than the others.  I had my holy grail mouthpiece but there was only one!!!  In August, Wesley Rice (Rice Clarinet Works) offered to make copies.   This is the first clarinet mouthpiece to be scanned with a MRI scanner which copied every angle, dimension, and even my tool marks of this magnificent mouthpiece.  He sent this information to his modified CNC machine and the first prototype sent to me was so accurate that I played a concert that night with it, with no refinements.  We refined the design a little and by the third prototype we had a copy of my old Buffet.

This FMK has the rare combination of clarity, warmth, life and a huge core..  It feels and sounds like the best Frank K mouthpieces I ever played but is brand new!  The Close tip is about 1mm and has a slightly shorter facing curve.  The medium closed is about 1.06mm tip opening and uses my normal facing curve.  These would compare to the old 11 and 13 models of Frank K.  I am working on other tip opening options.

(The FMK, is named in honor of my most influential teachers, Bob Fitzer, Eddie Marks, Frank Kowalsky)

One professional player’s comment about the FMK was that the singing tone, depth of sound and rapid response of this model has not been available new since the 1960’s!

Professional Bb, $245

SP model
The SP mouthpiece has a warm sound with good center or core. Its flexible sound can be used for most playing situations. It is based on a highly modified Zinner blank that has a deeply curved chamber floor.

SPE model
The SPE mouthpiece has much more center in the sound than the SP and is higher in pitch, about 442. This is preferred by orchestra players who need the added brilliance and flexibility of a higher tuning level. It is based on a highly modified Zinner blank that has a shallow curved chamber floor.

DM Model
The DM mouthpiece is our newest design which combines the smooth darkness of a German mouthpiece with the excellent center of a French design. This would be a great solo or orchestral mouthpiece. It is based on a highly modified German A framed chambered mouthpiece blank from Hans Zinner.

 FACING and TIP OPENINGS for professional Bb mouthpieces:

1.02 mm is a standard long facing with a close tip, featuring a tight sound.

1.04 mm is a standard long facing with a slightly warmer sound.

1.06 mm is our most popular facing with good balance of center and warmth.

1.08 mm  are similar to the 1.06’s but slightly more open

On the 1.06 and 1.08 I occasionally make a L facing variant which is a little longer facing that increases the warmth and depth in the sound and allows more aggressive air pressure.

I occasionally have a few mouthpieces larger tip openings of 1.10 mm, 1.12 and 1.14.

Professional Eb Mouthpiece $245

The Eb mouthpiece uses a Bb facing curve and has a 1.06mm tip opening. This allows you to use either Eb or Bb reeds. The mouthpiece has a beautiful tone which sounds like an extension of the Bb and not a high shrilly monster.

Professional Bass Mouthpiece $325

The B2 and Z2 models share the same facing curve and playing qualities as my original S2 model.  Since the Selmer C* blank is no longer manufactured, I now use an American blank (B2) and a German blank (Z2).  These two models use the 1.90mm tip opening and unique facing curve combine which came from Michael Lowenstern’s favorite Everett Matson modified Selmer C* mouthpiece.  These mouthpieces have a virtuoso playing quality and a huge sound.  This should be played with a #3 reed.

Lyceum Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece.  $175

The Lyceum Bass mouthpiece is made with an American blank and has a conservative facing curve and less open tip opening.  This is perfect for a high school student or adult player who seldom plays bass and needs an easily played mouthpiece that is  inexpensive.   This blank is used by other makers as their professional bass mouthpiece.

Advanced Bb Mouthpiece $150

Lyceum model
The Lyceum is based on a highly modified American blank with our standard facing curve and a 1.04-1.06mm (medium closed) tip opening. It has a very smooth and centered tone with an easy playing quality. This mouthpiece is being used with young players through college majors on a budget. It is being consistently chosen over popular French mouthpieces for its effortless playing qualities and wonderful sound.

Beginner Bb plastic Mouthpiece $39

Plato model
The Plato is a custom made acrylic mouthpiece with our hand faced standard facing curve and a 1.04-06 mm tip opening (medium closed). This is a wonderful sounding plastic mouthpiece based on a professional style facing. It can be played with #3 or 3.5 reeds.

Although priced at a beginning level, it will help a band’s clarinet section sound like advanced players. College and professional clarinetists who have played this mouthpiece have been stunned with its sound and playing quality.

Why use the names Plato and Lyceum (lie-see-um)? Plato was the great ancient Greek philosopher who started the first major school called the Academy. Aristotle was the next great Greek philosopher and his school was called the Lyceum.  These philosophers formed the foundation for Western learning. My Plato and Lyceum mouthpieces were designed to give young and advancing players a foundation of professional clarinet playing characteristics and tone quality in an affordable mouthpiece.