Trial and Contact information


Professional mouthpieces Bb and Eb, two week trial of three mouthpieces

Bass Clarinet mouthpieces, two week trial of two mouthpieces.

The Lyceum model, two week trial of two mouthpieces.

The Plato model has no trial as they scratch very easily and the marks cannot be buffed out!  Plato mouthpieces are available at a discount when 6 or more are ordered ($32 each).

Contact me at 731-499-3756 or

1. We can discuss what your needs are and determine the models and tip openings to send for trial.

2. Up to three Professional mouthpieces may be sent for a TWO week trial.

3. Please use mouthpiece patches or electrical tape for teeth and behind the
ligature unless a soft ligature is used.

4. Personal Check, PayPal, Mastercard or Visa may be used for payment. I require a credit card number to secure a mouthpiece trial.

5. Be patient. I do many musical things; clarinet teacher, mouthpiece maker, college band director and play many concerts.

Return / Refund Policy
1. Returns within 14 days. (Postmark date is on your invoice). Call me (email me) for a short extension if needed.

After three weeks and no communication from you, I will charge your credit card for everything. There will be a 20% restocking fee (of the total invoice) to cover the cost of refunding the credit card charges.

2. A normal charge on a trial (two weeks) is just the shipping charge out to you (normally $8)

3. Mouthpieces returned with teeth marks, ligature scratches, or any other damage will be considered sold and returned to you. Use tape or patches under the ligature and on the beak.

Dr. David McClune
PO Box 402
Kingston Springs, TN 37082